Made up of 16 countries, the Middle East is probably the least-traveled region in the world, due to decades of wars and turmoil. However, there are amazing destinations for travelers throughout. Dubai is a mecca for international travel and over-the-top luxury, and the Burj Khalifa will blow you away. Jordan was my first destination in the Middle East and is still one of my more memorable trips. Seeing Petra for the first time, scuba diving in the Dead Sea, walking the streets of Amman and off-roading through the Wadi Rum desert was such a magical and incredible experience.




The best time to travel to the Middle East is between March and May. The temperatures are comfortable, and the landscapes are green with blooming wildlife flowers. It’s the perfect time to visit top attractions like the Rose City of Petra or to venture into Jordan’s Wadi Rum region. The only downside is that the bearable temperatures mean its high season in the Middle East. You’ll want to book your flights and accommodation as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


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Get Snap Happy at Petra

Get Lost in Jerusalem

Eat Your Weight in Hummus

Scale the Burj Khalifa in Dubai


  • Fattouch salad
  • Sanbusik: dough stuffed with meat, onion and pine nuts.
  • tabboulé

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