South America


The majesty of Machu Picchu, the wonders of the Amazon, and Iguazu Falls—this is South America. With a South America guided tour through Liberty Travel, live the destination. Let Globus’s Tour Directors lead the way, benefit from Intrepid’s local knowledge, be a part of Peregrine’s intimate groups, and enjoy cultural connections only Collette can provide. Eat a Pachamanca dinner in the Sacred Valley. Visit an indigenous community near Iguazu Falls—the world’s largest cascade. Spend a night in the Amazon and explore Lima’s underground catacombs. You can even hike the famous Inca Trail.




South America is a great destination to add to your longer, multi-stop trip. It’s a massive continent that has tons of variety, and the low costs of travel make it a great place to stay a while. The only negative aspect of adding it to a longer trip is that it does tend to be expensive to fly in or out of the continent, so you may have to get creative when building your route. But the good news is that it’s relatively easy to travel overland around the continent, and there are plenty of big hub cities (Buenos Aires, Santiago, Lima, Rio, Quito, and Bogota among them) to fly in and out of. Check out the Indie itinerary below as an example.


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Iguazu Falls, border of Brazil and Argentina

Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile

Rio De Janiero, Brazil

Salt Flats, Bolivia


  • Ceviche (Peru)
  • Empanadas Salteñas in Argentina
  • Reineta Fish in Chile

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